A Great RSS Reader

This is an accidental post – but what the heck – might as well share this here as well as on Twitter. I’ve accidentally changed my settings on VodPod, so any videos I collect are automatically sent into my draft folder here. Might be handy or might be a total nuisance!  I’ll work that out later.

In the meantime, if you are new(ish) to blogging or online collecting and curation of resources, you might not have realised that you can gather videos that interest you with this tool. I’ve used Vodpod for quite a few years, and you can see that it is included in the sidebar of my blog too.

Another tool that I have used since being introduced to it a few years back (ISTE 2008 in San Antonio) is Feedly.  I love that it synchronises with Google Reader – so that I always use Feedly, except when I need to dip into other tricks that Google Reader offers.  This video is a fair overview. Take a peek if Feedly is new to you.

I find Feedly to be  wonderful.

Did You Know 2.0

This video is an update to the original “Shift Happens”.

I’m posting it here as a way of testing one of the many new features of WordPress.com, which allows me to post videos to my blog by the click of a button using my vodpod/wordpress toolbar button.

WordPress.com has a whole new Dashboard design with plenty of slick new features thanks to WordPress 2.5.

I’m pretty excited to see new things happening at WordPress.

Vodpod videos no longer available. from www.youtube.com posted with vodpod