Magic carpet ride …. to NECC!

If you’ve noticed the new by-line on my blog header then let me fill you in on the source of this. This comes from my guest column Learning is a Multimodal Conversation,” appearing in the Blogger’s Cafè section of ISTE’s December-January issue of Leading & Learning with Technology.

I know some international colleagues won’t have access to download this short column so I’m providing a copy of the article here.

So it seems that ISTE is a bit of theme for me this year…..or more correctly, the NECC conference in San Antonio. I’ve visited ISTE HQ quite a few times, and have enjoyed a warm welcome each time. magiccarpet.jpgI really enjoyed meeting up with Docent KJ Hax (Kevin Jarrett) who took Sue Waters and myself on a fabulous magic carpet ride around ISTE island and beyond. Kevin blogged about this adventure at When Virtual Worlds Collide!

Today I chatted with Clare Lane (Lisa Linn), first on twitter, then a bit of skype chat, and then ended up dropping into ISTE HQ to ‘meet’ her. I stayed at the ISTE social, and had a great campfire chat led by KJHax and his friends.

Meanwhile, I’m busy planning my trip to San Antonio, and am really looking forward to meeting so many of the people from my read/write world.

OH, and I’ll be joining a fabulous group of teacher librarians to present a panel session at the conference. I’m joining with Joyce Valenza, Cathy Nelson, Carolyn Foote, Diane Cordell and Anita Beaman – which will be a bit of magic for me for sure!

That’s what I love about the holidays! When I am back at school I won’t be able to stop in the middle of my day and go and relax ‘in world’ or just launch skye for a quick chat before diving off to the real world shops for some fun and mischief or wandering off to the terrace to do a bit more reading.

  • Dispatches from Downunder – catching up with Alan

    Saturday has an exciting edge to it for me. Alan Levine has finally made it back to Sydney on his travelling tour Australia, which he has been documenting in his flipped version of his blog at CogDogRoo!

    Alan is an inspiration to many of us, so if you haven’t added his blog to your RSS feeds, then you’d better catch up now! CogDogBlog is Alan’s place to bark about cool technology, web X.0 hype, weird web sites, photography, and other targets big and small.

    This is my chance to say thanks Alan! Thanks mate!

    Alan is a pretty important guy really 🙂 as Director, Technology Resources and Member Services of the New Media Consortium (NMC) as well as the Vice President Community and CTO with an international group of colleagues. In Second Life everyone knows he’s a dog (CDB Barkley)!

    I met Alan recently ‘in world’ during a NSW Learnscope seminar being hosted on Jokaydia Island (where I have the good fortune to regularly meet educators from Australia to talk the good talk). In fact we had a good gathering at HeyJude Hall last night (that’s my place in Jokaydia and I’m Heyjude Jenns ‘in world’). Thanks to Sue Waters (Ruby Imako) for managing all the introductions! Phew!).

    I was so excited by the whole ‘in world’ seminar that I didn’t stop to talk or ask questions. Today its different. A bunch of us are meeting up with Alan for shopping, movie and dinner – somehow I think we’ll all be barking furiously for a piece of the action.

  • Later: From left to right – Angela, Judy, Alan, Westley and Lynnette.