Tumblr – new features are ready!

Since I last wrote about Tumblr Write your thoughts….or stream that news! there has been a new version released.

A write-up of the new features of Tumblr 3.0 at Read/Write web explains that it includes over 400 new features, fixes, and improvements. Beyond fixes, the features seem to cluster around four important themes for this release:

  • Supporting Audio Posts
  • Upgrades to Video Posting
  • Private Communication: Channels
  • Easier Integration Points (APIs)

Looking good!

  • Write your thoughts….or stream that news!!!

    I’ve been playing around with the possibilities offered by tools such as Tumblr. I have to say, I think this little application rocks!

    Yes, I know that some people are using it very effectively as their ‘cut down’ blog, others are using it for creating a compilation of information sources through the power of RSS. Both good and very handy.

    But what about the option of using this as a blogging tools for kids?

    It’s quick, easy to use, and possibly a better starting point for teachers new to the blogging game and great to use for individual projects or themes.

    Obviously this is not as expansive a tool as regular blog platforms – but a cool tool nonetheless. I set up my test at Yellow Submarine. First of all I tested posts, links, images and videos, then set up an RSS feed of my delicious links which stream very nicely into Tumblr.

    Kids can blog really easily with Tumblr, making it ideal for primary age students. And imagine the value of packaging information for students or staff this way for the library, or for anything really. And what a neat way to share information being complied in your delicious links. We should be talking more about the possibilities of this clever little blog tool.

    Tumblr has text, photo, quote, link, chat and video tools. I really like the flexibility of being able to change the name AND url of your Tumblr blog too! Just a few templates to choose from – but for the more experienced, you can custom design your own if you are used to fiddling with the template as we had to do in the original blogger version.

    For anyone thinking of using Tumblr as a way of providing a news feed or updates from the web, you’ll love the “share with Tumblr” widget that you can install on you browser nav bar, or equivalent dashboard widget for your mac. Find something interesting or fun – just hit the button, and quickly send the post to your Tumblr blog. That’s just what I did a couple of seconds ago on my test Tumblr blog Yellow Submarine – and it took less than 30 seconds!

    Now here’s a cool solution for ‘time-poor’ teachers. Well worth experimenting with. Don’t ever say you haven’t got time to run a blog now 🙂

    Photo: Wee Waterfuls