Don’t Miss These Twitter and Facebook Guides

Whether you are teaching a class, helping a friend or just looking for information for yourself these guides from Mashable are a great resource.

The Facebook Guide topics include:

  • Facebook 101: The Basics
  • Managing Your Facebook Wall
  • Using Facebook for Business
  • How to become a fan of Mashable
  • Using Facebook Applications
  • Facebook 305:Advanced Topics

Twitter Guide topics include:

  • Twitter 101 – The Basics
  • Building Your Twitter Community
  • Twitter for Business
  • Twitter Guide Book To Go: PDF Download and Slideshow
  • Sharing on Twitter
  • Managing Your Twitter Stream

The Copy-and-Post Revolution in (Micro) Blogging

Autoposting Connects the Dots to Twitter and Facebook: For those of us that have multiple social media accounts (think: Flickr, Twitter, personal blog, Facebook), there is always a dilemma of where to post what, and whether to replicate posts across multiple sites.  This dilemma is even more vexing since, whereas Twitter tweets are limited to 140 character text and links, Facebook posts can include pictures, text and video of variable lengths, and personal blogs are as custom as you want to get. Here, Posterous really shines, giving you the ability to autopost your posterous posts to one or more services, defaulting the title of the post as the Twitter tweet

This is a very useful post – about Posterous. Of course, I shared my reading of this via Posterous!

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Hanging with a twitter friend

One of the joyous things about attending conferences these days is the opportunity to connect face-to-face with friends from your professional network.

Today I presented a session at Tech-Savvy Leadership and Learning, at the University of Wollongong. More on this later. But for now, here is Darcy Moore, tweeting on his iPhone  as @darcy1968.  Wonderful!

We’re listening to the Forum questions at the end of the day.

Darcy Moore

Twitter to the rescue!

When you start a new academic year, things get extremely hectic. All the more if you are moving back into a new library!  So times like that you NEED good support from your local ISP Call Centre.

Late January saw me attempting to make the switch from ADSL to cable. After hours and hours of frustrating times on the phone, I finally vented my frustration on Twitter!

Twitter to the rescue!  I am amazed at what I have been part of  – the convergence of microblogging with service support from Bigpond!

I was encouraged by twitter colleague @mrsc2902 to follow @bigpondteam.  But even before I did, I had a reply to my agonised tweets from the bigpondteam.

I have never had such amazing and responsive service, as I had in the days that followed.  You try changing account details, or doing anything productive via a call centre. Even just navigating all those menus choices are a nightmare – then when you get connected – well that’s a whole new story! My story turned out to be the best experience I have ever had.

Suffice to say I have at least 18 DM in my collection – all rapid fire support for my problems.

Right, lets push this further – I fired off a few other queries last night about the actual plan I was on (yes, you guessed it, I wasn’t given any really useful advice). Hmm, no response by lunchtime – slower than before.  After another tweet for help, I was asked to provide a phone number and they actually called me direct to chat and answer and solve the remaining issues I had.

As I tweeted many times – awesome!

What is more amazing is this convergence of microblogging being used by an Australian company to monitor twitter chatter about their services, and their willingness to provide support at speeds way faster than anything I have ever encountered before. The two quotes below sums it up beautifully. The best service possible!

Cynical friend’s comment – ‘ah well, there are not that many people on twitter yet – so they will have plenty of time to help’.  Maybe!  What intrigued me was that it was happening at all.

Next post I promise will be more pedagogical – but for me getting my online access ramped up ready for this acadmic year was important 🙂

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Fast Forward

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.1928386&w=425&h=350&]

more about “Fast Forward“, posted with vodpod

So lets see…my standard toolkit includes:  Wordpess, Gmail, Google calendar,  Google chat, and a host of other Google doc tools, Delicious, Nings galore, facebook, twitter, flickr, flickrCC, SnipThis, TwitThat, Feedly, Clip to Evernote, Tumblr, Kwout, Wikispaces, Wetpaint, Youtube and other video sites, and of course Vodpod to store my most important video finds, skype, Elluminate as well as WizIQ and Flashmeeting. Of course, there are raft of tools that are associated with virtual learning environments – a Second Life for me! That is not all, but that is already making my mind exhausted when I think of the shift in my ‘way of being’ – exhausted not for my self, but for the communication barrier that exists between me and so many of those that I work with.

More rumination….while I make a small movie from text!

What I am actually a bit worried about is that the pace of change has been so great, that the gap between the digitally adept and the digitally challenged is getting wider and wider, and perhaps will become too big a gap to bridge. I think I should settle for rumination, rather than worry, and let 2009 take care of itself 🙂

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Librarian 2.0

I had some Twitter fun on Grader tonight! Played with ‘education’ and got myself listed along with some VIPs. Checked out the Twitter Elite in Sydney – yep, seems I’m one! Other silly things too….all of which tell me that Twitter is still a pretty new tool. (Well I knew that didn’t I. The folks at my workshop today did not know what Twitter was, so no competition really).

So go and have a play if you like.

Meanwhile here is twitter-inspired ‘wave’ to Michael Stephens, of Tame the Web (and Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois). I remember when I became aware of Web 2.0 and then started blogging, because Michael became a key inspiration to me in my transformation into a 2.0 Librarian. Michael will be out in Australia again next year and I’m really looking forward to catching up with him and thanking him in person for the excellent learning journey.

Look what Twitter Gradr tells me has happened for “Librarian” 🙂

Twitter Gradr for Librarian

Do you think that makes me a real Librarian 2.0!

Reflecting on my learning network

Early Saturday evening I stopped to look back on the twitter responses to our “TWEET” during my workshop on RSS and Social Bookmarking…where we had a few other diversions too 🙂

Thanks for the fun at the workshop! and for my wonderful network for responding to our “TWEET” to the learning universe….. WOW!

It’s makes me stop and reflect on how global connections are part of every educational conversation…these captured tweets say it all!

TWEETS in response to our callout

Twitter – a teaching and learning tool

I’ve been collecting lots of posts about Twitter in my Del.ici.ous collection, all of them good reads providing information, ideas, or reflections on the ‘whys and wherefores’ of Twitter use.

No surprise then that I was alerted to Tom Barrett’s post Twitter – A Teacher and Learning Tool via Twitter.

In my experience, and in the short time that I have used it, Twitter has grown quickly to play a major part in the way that I interact with fellow colleagues and professionals from around the world. In my classroom and with the children I teach it has been an exciting tool to utilise and support learning.

Tom has written a brilliant post, that explains and elaborates on the function and scope of Twitter – and rather fantastically extends our horizons with ideas for integrating this micro-blogging tool into our teaching and learning activities.

GO and read the post! Go on! 🙂