Stop putting off your idea and just get started

Wow! This is how I reacted when I discovered this astounding example of what can be done with 3D printing.  This video completely moved my thinking  beyond ideas about Playful Learning and a Makerspace in our School Library to knowing that the future can be very different because of maker-inspired technologies.

So really – lets inspire our students in Makerspaces – because their ideas may well become the future development that changes the world (or a part of it) in some way.

When 3D printing can make Magic Arms you know there’s been an extraordinary shift in 3D fabrication.

It seems that as 3D printers have gotten more affordable, an entirely new community has sprung up around the idea of designing, sharing and printing physical objects. The Journal of Peer Production recently completed the first EVER survey on the growing 3D printer community.The full survey is available online from the Journal of Peer Production.