It’s a picnic ~ being creative!

New Year ~ summer break ~ welcome to another year of change.  Some people will bury their heads, while others will hear the sounds of rustling and go and investigate 🙂

For me – it’s definitely a chance to catch up – and twitter tells the same story; @jokay is working on Aion prettiness. @betchaboy is dancing a wordpress tango (fill out his survey to help him); @Kim Cofino has made the big move to her own hosted domain.

A bunch of us started our photo journey through 2010 ~ for me a Year in Photos was born. I’ve placed an image link to it in my blog’s sidebar.

I’ve added Books I’m Reading to my blog as well ~  a link to my  professional reading from now on.  I always meant to do along with my photo journey memories, this will keep tabs on the great things I read to inspire my professional work ( I’m also pleased to see that when Library Thing is down for scheduled maintenance I don’t get scrambled rubbish in the sidebar! Terrific).

And once again I was amazed at how much we do online. Being creative really is a picnic these days!! Don’t believe me? Check out how easy it is to play with images with Flickr and Picnic.

If you haven’t used it yet, Picnik is photo editing awesomeness, online, in your browser. It’s the easiest way on the Web to fix underexposed photos, remove red-eye, or apply effects to my photos.  The incredibly handy Firefox extension Picnic Tool not only adds an ‘Edit in Picnik’ option to my right-click menu, it even lets me screen capture an entire website and edit it right in Picnik.  I enjoy tools like this as I am no Photoshop expert!

Don’t forget Kwout either – I used it to make a new image link to Second Classroom for my blog’s sidebar, sending it straight to  Flickr from Kwout ready to embed. Too easy!

Welcome to my new banner!  Might make a new one tomorrow 🙂

Edublog awards 2009 … and the winner is..

The Edublog Awards have come and gone for another year! It was a great round-up with some wonderful results!I’m really excited by the results of the Best Library/ Librarian category.

–Winner: Never Ending Search
–First Runner Up: Bright Ideas
–Second Runner Up: Library Tech Musings

It was fantastic to see Joyce’s Never Ending Search win!  Joyce has been leading and inspiring teacher librarians in so many many ways. You’re streets ahead of us girl!! Also, congratulations to our Victorians at Bright Ideas … an information rich blog  provided by the School Library Association of Victoria.

Special thanks to all the kind people who sent a vote in my direction.  You were very generous 🙂

I was also thrilled to hear Karl Fisch win the Lifetime Award for 2009 – by a very strong margin. Fantastic Karl! Glad you made it to the Elluminate ceremony.

–Winner: Karl Fisch
–First Runner Up: Will Richardson
–Second Runner Up: Larry Ferlazzo

Congratulations and celebrations to all winners and participants.Thanks to the Edublogs team for making these connections for us again…another year ~ a myriad opportunities

WordPress at your fingertips!

The new update WordPress for iPhone 2.1 is very nice.

Blogs (including mine) view very nicely if they have a mobile-enhanced version. I’ve been able to surf-around from one to another and of course (with the iPhone) I can grab screen shots as I go.

It’s easy to add a screenshot or photo to your post. On the other hand hyperlinks will need some HTML!  Also, notice how my blog shows up the default title field which is hidden on normal web view when a custom graphic is in place? The header would adapt to a mobile version correctly without that custom image – but I’m happy to keep the identifying image in place 🙂

Being able to review comments and see the image I usually associate with a person is also helpful. Also the blogging feature is nice for quick posts (like this one tapped out over breakfast). Categories are also available to grab and tags can also be dropped in.

What will this mean for classroom blogging?

[update: watching the video below I discovered the URLs are easy to manage too!]

The Copy-and-Post Revolution in (Micro) Blogging

Autoposting Connects the Dots to Twitter and Facebook: For those of us that have multiple social media accounts (think: Flickr, Twitter, personal blog, Facebook), there is always a dilemma of where to post what, and whether to replicate posts across multiple sites.  This dilemma is even more vexing since, whereas Twitter tweets are limited to 140 character text and links, Facebook posts can include pictures, text and video of variable lengths, and personal blogs are as custom as you want to get. Here, Posterous really shines, giving you the ability to autopost your posterous posts to one or more services, defaulting the title of the post as the Twitter tweet

This is a very useful post – about Posterous. Of course, I shared my reading of this via Posterous!

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The 2009 Edublog Awards: Voting

Time to vote in the 2009 Edublog Awards for your favourite bloggers, tweeple and online colleagues.

Congratulations to all those who were nominated. Now it’s your turn to read through the lists, maybe fine new resources and people to follow, and last but not least – cast your vote and make it count!

Thanks to Edublogs for making it fun and making it happen!

I’m very lucky and honoured to have three successful nominations again this year:

Best librarian / library blog
for this blog Heyjude: Learning in an Online World

Best educational use of a social networking service
for our collaborative space at Second Classroom (Dean and Judy)

Lifetime achievement
This is a major surprise – and while it’s an honour, there are way too many people deserving people in the queue before me 🙂

Best of luck everyone!

The 2009 Edublog Award Categories….

  1. Best individual blog
  2. Best individual tweeter
  3. Best group blog
  4. Best new blog
  5. Best class blog
  6. Best student blog
  7. Best resource sharing blog
  8. Most influential blog post
  9. Most influential tweet / series of tweets / tweet based discussion
  10. Best teacher blog
  11. Best librarian / library blog
  12. Best educational tech support blog
  13. Best elearning / corporate education blog
  14. Best educational use of audio
  15. Best educational use of video / visual
  16. Best educational wiki
  17. Best educational use of a social networking service
  18. Best educational use of a virtual world
  19. Lifetime achievement

Edublog Awards 2009 – let’s celebrate!

Comes the end of the academic school year for us in Australia – and it’s the perfect time for us to have a celebration – the Edublog Awards!!

I love that educators – on the ground – are ready to share resources and knowledge with me via the intrawebs and the  metaverse.  Doesn’t matter which way I look at it, blogging, collaboration spaces, 3D worlds, and more are transforming my professional learning.

Each day I have the chance  to laugh a little, muse a little, cogitate some more, and look for opportunities to help someone, somewhere, sometime in learning, teaching, and information services.

So without further ado – My nominations for the 2009 Edublog Awards are:

Best Individual Blog : John Connell – The Blog ::: Still my all-time favourite for covering innovation and emerging technologies blended with a global perspective on culture, society and the politics of change.

Best Individual Tweeter: Elaine Talbert::: @etalbert for her wonderful finds and  2.0 slideshare alerts.

Best Group Blog: Pandia Search Engine News ::: If you are serious about knowing what is going on in the online world of search (and you should be!) then the work of  Per and Susanne Koch and team,  from their base in Norway, makes essential reading. Check out their fabulous Pandia Search Central too!.

Best New Blog (to me): Kelli’s Blog ::: Kelli strikes a cord with me, an English teacher of excellence who shares on her blog. Wish I could teach English with your inspiration!

Best Resource Sharing Blog: Design 4 Learning ::: Expect the unexpected from here to the metaverse from my friend and co-author Dean Groom. Dean will never let you get into a rut!

Most Influential Blog PostAn Operating System for the Mind :::  Stephen Downes  so eloquently explained that an education based strictly and solely in facts is insufficient, and drives home what 21st century learning is really about.

Best Teacher BlogDarcy Moore’s Blog ::: He’s  a genuine leader among the all-to -few school executives who really ‘gets it’!

Best Librarian/Library Blog: Tame the Web::: Michael Stephens has been telling it as it should be for  libraries for more years than I care to count!  Dean and I are proud that Michael wrote the Forward to our upcoming publication (ACER Pubications promises 2010 now!).

Best Educational Tech Support Blog : New Technology for Teachers::: With the information here, you’ve got a ready-made source of tools and ideas for your learning and teaching adventure!

Best E-Learning/ Corporate Education Blog ::: Jane’s E-Learning Pick of the Day, from Jane Hart at the Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies,  is an essential in your RSS reads.

Best Educational Wiki: Educational Origami ::: Andrew Churches not only shares resources, but dreams up new approaches, frameworks, models and more which we just have to adopt!

Best Educational Use of a Virtual World:Angela A Thomas ::: Ange continues to demonstrate the outstanding possibilities that virtual worlds can provide us.  If you want to know more, check out the  Virtual Macbeth video and the  Virtual Macbeth Wiki.

Lifetime Achievement: Karl Fish, The Fischbowl ::: Karl generously shares best practices and creates conversations that are inspiring, compelling, and influential. I have been honoured to participate online in some of his class projects at Arapahoe High School and have been inspired by  the impact he is having right there in the classroom and in the kids minds.

There are many more fabulous folks that I could nominate!   Luckily between us all we seem to bag the best!

The best part of the Edublog awards are discovering new things and sharing them with each other. Here are my nominations from 2008.  A few people are still on the top of my nominations list 🙂

P.S. For all those (crazy?)  kind folk who took the time to nominate Heyjude. What can I say – WOW! Now I wish I’d found the time to do more for you!

Who we are; what we do

What types of media, access, and support do cutting-edge media centers and school libraries offer students? How are teacher librarians and library media specialists leading the charge to help students master 21st century literacies?

Issue 22 Volume 4 of ASCD Express “The Transformational Media Centre” looks at ways teacher librarians and library media specialists can collaborate with teachers and other staff to enhance student learning.

A good read overall – and I’m excited to say also includes a piece by me –  Content Used to be King – as the New Voices feature.

Jumpstart with blogging and twitter

My head is in ‘library zone’ these recent weeks – and so I am on the lookout for ideas, promotional materials, design ideas, pedagogical inspiration and more. Bit of a bower-bird for a while – before I head off for more presentations, workshops and the like.

So when I found this nice presentation from Nathan Wright, I decided I liked it!  Might be just what you need to get you thinking?

Empathy and Meaning

Once again I’ve had a wonderful time participating in live blogging A Whole New Mind with students from Arapahoe High School. I wish I had time to do more – it’s an amazing experience.

This year I joined up for two classes, discussing chapters in the book by Daniel Pink. Using MeBeam, we could hear the students adding depth to their personal ideas, and challenging each other to think more deeply about the implications of each of the chapters for their schooling, their lives and society.

Karl Fisch set this up again this year at  the A Whole New Mind 09 wiki. It’s the beginning of the year for me, so it’s not easy to help out much – this year two sessions had to be my limit. But the last class on the ‘roster’ happens to be at 6:15 am, so I can make it and still get to school. You can read more about the fishbowl discussion technique.  Drop over to the CoverItLite replay of the blogging discussions.

My chapters for involvement this time were Empathy (where I caught up with Julie Lindsay, wonderful aussie who is head of Information Technology at Qatar Academy in Doha.) and Meaning.

I loved saying hi! to the students. Their efforts were very impressive – wonderful thoughtful discussions. Likewise, the students blogging, who were also listening to the conversation, were extending their thinking in a number of ways, responding to our feedback, throwing out questions to us, and holding their own once again in terms of highly valuable and reflective discussion.

It at wonderful way for me to start the year. It reminds me of the goals we are working towards at our school – embracing technology in immersive and interactive ways to promote 21st century learning of the best kind.

Karl is an inspiration to us downunder, providing concrete evidence of success in changing the way we manage our learning environment. Karl’s work helps me keep my focus.

Special thanks to the students who shared their thoughts with their external visitors.  Next year when the call for people to be involved goes out I highly recommend that you consider joining in. It’s easy, and a great way to see 21st century learning in action.