Launching the Journal of Virtual Worlds

While articles about education in Virtual Worlds appear frequently in journals and anthologies devoted to the study of immersive worlds, the new Journal of Virtual Worlds in Education is the first academic journal that will center solely on education in virtual media.

The first issue is slated to appear in May 2009. The Journal of Virtual Worlds and Education is accepting articles on learning and the arts. The innovative representation of literature, music, graphic arts, design, workshops on poetry, playwriting, and new access to cultural information through virtual libraries– and any other immersive venue with an educational component– would make excellent subject matter for such a submission.

Anyone who has visited the sim called “Foul Whisperings, Strange Matters: Shakespeare’s Macbeth in Second Life” (a collaborative educational design by Angela Thomas, Kereen Ely-Harper and Kate Richards) understands how a three-dimensional presentation of Macbeth’s deranged mind can supplement a reading of the play for students of the near future.

Submissions, along with book reviews, will be refereed anonymously for peer review before acceptance.

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From: RezLibris: the Magazine for Librarians